Walking on the Wild Side

The path by the river Last Sunday, being Mothering Sunday, I rang Debbie at BBC Radio Berkshire as she was talking, in view of Jade Goody’s death that day, about children losing their mother at an early age. She hosts the show every Sunday morning from 9am to 12 noon and asked for people to […]

A Lucky Escape

On Wednesday afternoon I was happily putting the finishing touches to Kay Petryszak’s miniature portrait when I heard an almighty crash from the bathroom. Convinced that the ceiling had fallen in I dreaded opening in the door, fearful of what I’d see. In fact the whole shower edifice above my bath/jacussi had fallen off the […]

The Dragon Boats Are Here

I’ve just spied a whole collection of Dragon Boats. The sound of their drums are reverberating in the morning sunshine. You can see a couple of them in the distance beyond the wooden bridge on the main river. Maybe you can even hear the drums.

That Was The Week That Was

It’s been both a prolific and social week. I changed the background on Timmy Mallett’s miniature as the jungly green leaves background was too dominant, and detracted from his face. I also finished the painting of lovely little Juliana. This was a commission from a client in New York. I’d already painted the same little […]

Don’t Laugh While Driving!

It’s hard to believe, but Company Director Gary Sanders was stopped by a policeman in Merseyside for ‘laughing while driving’. The reason given by the policeman was that he was ‘laughing excessively’. He was questioned for over 30 minutes – one of the questions being about his hair colour! (It reminded me of a Smith […]

The Maharajah’s Well

Last Sunday Debbie McGee and I visited a riding School at Checkendon, and on the way back home stopped at a little village called Stoke Row, where a most impressive 386 feet deep well is located. It was given to the village in 1863 by the Maharajah of Benares. The Maharajah had become very friendly […]