Cruising Down the River (again)

You’d think my life is one whirlwind round of pleasure. I do have my moments however and because we’ve been basking in virtual tropical sunshine (plus humidity) this last week I’ve spent as much time as I can on the river. On Sunday my friends the Sutherland’s held their annual ‘Strawberry Tea’ in the grounds […]

How to Win Wars

Harpsden – a little village on the outskirts of Henley – held its annual fete last Sunday. I was amused when, at the hoopla stall, Henley’s Member of Parliament, John Howell, bought 6 hoops, he was asked whether he’d like a receipt! Surprisingly I managed to win a prize there which I gave to Charlotte […]

A Riverside Affair

Sorry to disappoint you – I’m not going to write about a passionate encounter on the riverbank. No – this morning’s affair was the annual general meeting of the Hennerton Backwater Association. As always the sun shone brightly and the weather was warm. This year’s venue was Ivy Cottage and as you can see from […]

An Eye for an Eye

During the Henley Literary Festival weekend last summer, among the many interesting events that took place then were trips on the Hibernia river cruiser. The highlight of the one-hour cruises we were treated to were poetry readings by well-known personalities. Simon Williams, the actor, was one of the performers when I was on board, and […]

Lost in Devon

I drove down to Somerset on Friday morning where I’d been invited to stay overnight with Sharran and Mike North (he of ‘Dragons Den’ fame). In the afternoon while Sharran was out getting her nails done( I think) Mike and I did a jigsaw puzzle on the verandah. What, you say, two grown men doing […]