It’s Snowdrop Time

This morning Pootle picked me up to kindly take me to the Royal Berkshire Hospital for my pelvic scan (I need to have one every six months for three years). After drinking a bucketful of barium liquid and being injected with iodine, I soon was lying under the machine listening to the soulful sound of […]

Getting My Head Down

Because of the snow and difficulty about getting around on the unsalted roads (why is England so far behind the rest of Europe in this respect?) I’ve spent most of my time painting for about 9 hours every day. Quite productive in that I’ve finished the large painting of a couple of friends, made a […]

The Snow People of Henley

Yesterday I gingerly navigated through the ice and deep snow and walked the mile or so to Henley along the towpath. It was a gloriously sunny day – minus something or other, but bracing and beautiful. The lock and the snow-clad woods behind make a lovely picture. And this tree on the other side of […]