Making a Splash in Norfolk

It’s been a busy old time lately what with preparing for my exhibition at the Horizon Gallery in Henley and last weekend away in Norfolk. Originally we were intending to show about 20 large paintings and 19 miniatures – as it is quite a small gallery – but eventually found that we could hang 35 […]

Art Exhibitions

Apart from working hard on a couple of pencil portraits and getting about thirty paintings ready for my little exhibition at the Horizon gallery on the 18th I’ve not done a great deal this past week. Here’s one of the pencil drawings – it’s of Sebastian, age three. I took a series of photographs of […]

Floating in a Golden Gondola

I’ve been a bit busy painting and drawing lately, hence no blog for a couple of weeks. But last week, Pat Barton drove us to London to see the musical Oliver at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. I’ve always loved both the lyrics and the music of this show so was really looking forward […]