The Swan Uppers

As I write this I am sitting on a bench looking out over a tranquil pond at Ewelme – a picturesque village a few miles west of Henley. A mallard is quacking and here come three others to join her. There are rooks squawking high in the trees above, joined from time to time by […]

Fireworks at the Festival

Last Sunday I was invited to the Henley Music Festival. Each year it is held on the banks of the Thames at Henley in the week following the Royal Regatta. The weather was absolutely gorgeous – balmy and warm – even the slight breeze wafting its way across the river as dusk fell was not […]

What a Clever Coot!

Since I last wrote about the coot who nested on my boat the three remaining babies have all survived – thanks to the ingenuity of their parents. It seems the first two in the clutch of five either drowned or were eaten by pikes because they weren’t able to climb the nine inches or so […]