A Walk by the River

My car was snowed in last Sunday – the ice slope from the garage was too dicey to risk. So my young friend and I took a walk by the river the mile or so into Henley.  That’s the view from my garden towards the millstream. At the bottom of the garden is a […]


It’s very cold outside today – the snow has just started – look at the view from my studio The snow has been falling thick and fast, and the road outside my flat resembles an ice rink. So I think I’ll stay inside today. This is what it’s like in my back garden – and […]

Les Très Riches Heures

I can’t believe how quickly the time is rushing by. Can it really be two weeks since I wrote my last blog? (Yes I’m still here, RG9, and by the way if you want to give me your address I’ll send you a ‘snowy’ Christmas card). But now we are in the run up to […]