The Goose That Didn’t Stir

It’s a hive of activity in the garden today. All the riparian neighbours who live adjacent to the Mill Stream got together to clear the fallen trees, bushes and other debris that have accumulated there over the past couple of years. I wasn’t able to help as I’m still not allowed to do any lifting […]

Golden Days

At last I’m managing to do a full day’s painting without falling asleep over my desk! Although I was only able to paint for a few hours at a time last week – due to the amount and strength of the painkillers I’m on – now that I’ve reduced the dosage I’m back to my […]

Cruise Control

It’s great to be back home once again. After 8 days in hospital with the constant barrage of nurses, technicians, doctors (much as I appreciate what they are doing for me), to be relieved of all the tubes protruding from almost all of my body’s orifices- including a few new ones, and to wave goodbye […]