The Fifteenth Century Watermill

 We visited Mapledurham Watermill last Saturday afternoon. It’s the last working corn and gristmill on the River Thames. Currently an Archimedes Screw is being installed there, and when completed in September will power not only the mill but also several properties in the area – including Mapledurham House. As scaffolding is disfiguring the mill […]

The Creak of the Rowlocks

Now that I’ve regained most of my strength the river beckons, so the other evening I took Marsh Midget down to Henley Bridge and back. Having had so little rain lately the river is quite low and on that particular evening the current was tranquil. Hardly anything moved so I just about had the river […]

The Hideaway in the Woods

Last Thursday, enroute to the Hilliard Miniature Exhibition in Wells, we made a deviation through ever-smaller roads, then rough lanes, to reach our rendezvous – a gigantic saw-blade propped up against a gnarled and rustic tree,where in a short while we were met by Zelia looking like a true maiden of the forest in her […]