Then and Now

In 1974 when I was living in Singapore I placed a little silver cup on my table and painted what I saw in the reflections. Here it is. I was 38 at the time and was only able to paint during the rare weekend when I wasn’t travelling in Asia. Recently I unearthed the painting […]

Work and Play

I really enjoy drawing in pencil. The feel of the graphite as it glides across the paper is almost sensual. When I start a portrait in this medium I sharpen about seven or eight pencils with densities ranging from 2H right through to 7B. This enables me to capture the smallest detail with the harder […]

A Heinous Crime

My second cousin, Jane, arrived from London on Thursday morning ready for the Henley Regatta. I’d planned for eight of us to go to Phyllis Court for the day, We drove to Wargrave about 11 am to pick up Debbie and Paul. Here we are all dressed up in our finery. Paul and Debbie, although […]