I just love watching craftsmen working. For example when the TV programme ‘To The Manor Reborn’ where an old mansion was being restored on behalf of the National Trust, it was wonderful seeing all the craftsmen (and women of course) painting, sculpting, carving, and demonstrating real traditional skills. I used to love watching my father […]

Happy Christmas!

Although I’ve been painting about 8 or 9 hours a day on my big Spitfire and have finished the aircraft itself I hadn’t quite appreciated what a marathon the rest of the painting would be. It’s a large picture – over 28 inches wide – and to paint all of Henley from the air is […]

The Lights of London

Upon occasion I’m an honorary and unofficial member of the W.I. This meant that I could go on the coach trip to London last Thursday afternoon. The plan was to see the Christmas lights, the London Eye and the German Christmas market on the South Bank, and finally watch the ice-skating at Somerset House. It […]

The Sculpture Lesson

You’d think these three heads were made by a very experienced sculptor, wouldn’t you? In fact they were all made in just 10 lessons by people who had never sculpted a head before. The teacher is Shirley Collen and I have already signed up for her class commencing early in January. Shirley is the lady […]