The Queen Came to Henley

Yesterday was a red-letter day for Henley. Four thousand people were invited to a garden party in the grounds of the Henley Management College as part of the celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I was invited by Tony and Jackie Hobbs to be a guest on board their cruise ship ‘The New Orleans’ We […]

Windy Weather

Twas a very cold and windy morning yesterday. My young friend and I were hoping to row up to the venue of the Hennerton Backwater AGM, but the river was just too fast and the wind horrendous. (We may have been in danger of being swept over the weir on the way back with the […]

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

I love boats, so was eagerly anticipating the Jubilee River Pageant last Sunday.  Headed by the beautiful 94 ft Royal Rowbarge Gloriana – the first to be built for more than a century – unique in that among the participating vessels, it’s the only one specially commissioned for the event) the 1000 strong flotilla […]

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

When we got home it still being a tranquil afternoon we jumped into Marsh Midget, my dinghy, and I rowed to the bridge and back. Now that I have a spanking new mahogany rudder it’d so much easier to row without constantly looking over my shoulder. My young friend soon got the hang of the […]