Miniaturising Masterpieces

I recently completed a very interesting commission. It was to paint a pair of miniatures exactly replicating very large oil paintings of my client’s ancestors. Quite a challenging undertaking but here are the results (with permission of the client). Each year Henley hosts a Literary Festival. And each year it gets better and better. With […]

More boats – and Ships

Once I get going on a large painting I find it very hard to put down. Sometimes I even take it to bed with me to stare at and decide on the next step, or to correct any errors I might have made. Such is the case with my current painting of the Queen’s Garden […]

Preserved in Bronze

Well I finally finished it! It’s taken a while but this is the final result of my bronze head of Rolf Harris. As it was my first attempt at making a portrait bronze I’m quite pleased with the result. But it’s taken a while. I had no idea just how many stages and processes I […]

Boats, Boats, Boats.

It’s nearly the end of the season and. apart from painting boats, I seem to be spending a lot of time travelling on them. Last Friday Tony Hobbs invited me – and a dozen other friends and family – for a trip on ‘Enchantress’ up to Marlow. Here we are leaving Henley – with ‘The […]