A trip Down Memory Lane

It’s a bit of a red-letter day today. First, I won a small Premium Bond prize, then a smaller lottery prize, and with the morning post, and best of all, a nice big repayment from H.M. Inland Revenue. All very welcome just before Christmas.On Sunday afternoon my young friend and I planned a little trip […]

Ho Hum

 When I get involved in a really interesting painting I tend to spend so many hours on it each day that I become oblivious to most of what’s going on around me. Take the current painting I’m working on. It’s as large as I can make it and is only restricted by the size […]

Nearly Naked

I almost made a total fool of myself on Saturday morning. Together with my young friend we were in Bath. There we had decided to spend the morning in the Thermal bath Spa. After collecting our white robes, towels and white slippers we made our way to the changing rooms and undressed. After putting my […]