My Oldest Friend

Just got back from my oncologist in Reading.  The result of the latest CT scan means that I have to have a PET scan next week in Oxford to check something.  This type of scan means I become pretty radioactive and have to keep away from children and pregnant women for a while. Today I received […]

The Watercress Fields of Ewelme

It’s taking a while, but spring is making a reluctant start at last. My young friend and I took a little trip to West Green House last Saturday afternoon. Known as the Garden for all Seasons we found it a little bare for this season, but lovely all the same.  There were a few crocuses […]


Every Easter Sunday we hold a family party for all the Mundy’s. Only one was missing this year – young Max – who was off skiing in France with his schoolmates. But his bronze head remains here. It’ll be completely finished next week. At the moment the cast has just been removed from its fibreglass […]