The Bishops Swans

They look like ordinary swans – but they aren’t. These swans live in the moat that flows around The Bishops Palace at Wells in Somerset. In around 1870 Bishop Lord Arthur Hervey’s daughters taught the ancestors of this brood to ring the bell at the Gatehouse in return for food. Today the Palace Wardens who […]

The ups and downs of life!

Saturday was an ‘up’. My young friend and I took a stroll around Greys Court, near  Henley. Nestled in a tranquil valley this picture-perfect place is full of delightful surprises. Some days the smell of home baking in fills the air in Lady Brunner’s kitchen As it was a lovely day, we wandered around the […]

The Apothecaries Hall

This is the coat of arms of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries. It shows Apollo, the God of Healing, overpowering the dragon of disease, represented by the wyvern. The unicorn supporters were King James’s special beasts and show his personal interest in the Society’s incorporation. The crest is a rhinoceros, whose powdered horn was alleged […]

Nuclear Alert!

Last Thursday I went to the Churchill Hospital in Oxford for a pet scan. After spending 90 minutes in a cupboard while two nurses injected me with radioactive material from a gun-metal canister (it set off a loud alert on one of them!) I was placed in the centre of a large room with all […]