Home again

We arrived back in England yesterday evening – this time on a 777-300. A very nice aircraft. I don’t think we’ll ever fly on the A380 again. The experience was just too traumatic. Last night and this morning I’ve received a number of emails from several people who were on the plane when we landed […]

This is my island in the sun

And so it is. Ever since we arrived in Singapore the weather’s been perfect – Sunshine and cool breezes. Although we’ve done a lot of walking the heat hasn’t really tired us out. My arthritis is a distant memory (at least until we get back home).It’s so nice staying at the Tanglin Club where most […]

Our furry friends

A whole family of these little squirrels helped us eat our chips as we sat by the pool in the hotel gardens. This one even had a go at reading my book. The other evening we watched a very colourful performance of the legong dance at the hotel. I managed to arrange that we were […]

Bali beckons

Well here we are in beautiful Bali. The weather is glorious despite the forecast predicting rain every day. Here’s one of the stone carvings dotted all over the extensive gardens of the hotel. Yesterday we hired a car, driver and guide. I wanted my young friend to see some of the favourite places I’d enjoyed […]

Azerbaijan and all that

To continue the story….It’s now over 24 hours since I wrote my last blog. Azerbaijan may have won the European Song Contest but believe me I wouldn’t recommend it as a holiday destination. The only cheering we experienced was all the clapping from the passengers when we finally touched down safely. We were confined to […]


My young friend and I started the day full of the joys of going on holiday to Bali and Singapore. We chose the biggest aircraft in the Singapore Airlines fleet – the all new super two storey A380. We’d been flying for about 6 hours and at about 37,000 feet were flying over Afghanistan in […]

So what will the new year bring?

Hopefully happiness, interesting painting commissions, fun travel, lottery wins, and most of all good health with no more operations. On Christmas Day I picked up Val and drove through the floods to Marlow where we spent the day with Louisa and her family. Here’s Kate – she’s still wearing the silver headband she wore for […]