The Regimental Farewell

On Saturday last we drove over to the little village of Hermitage in Berkshire for the Reunion and Open Day of the Royal Engineers Military Survey (Geographical) Association. Many veterans of Military Survey and their families attended the event. In 1955, when Hermitage housed The School of Military Survey, I was posted there for training […]

Furry Friends

When I lived in Singapore in the 1960’s I became a member of the Orang Utan Preservation Society. Together with a friend, Charles Shuttleworth, we would visit some of the private zoos, prevalent at the time. Charles, who had joined the Malayan Police Jungle Force at the beginning of the Malayan Emergency, was writing a […]

The concept of ‘Thing-ness’

As a practising artist with an appreciation of abstract and certain examples of conceptual art – even though my own style remains representational and in certain aspects of my work, traditional – I really must comment on some of the latest self-indulgent exercises in impudence with regard to ‘Art’.The Arts Council in Wales, for example, […]

The Mobile Museum

We saw some lovely old Royal coaches last weekend at Arlington Court in Devon, but nothing to match the magnificence of this brand new Diamond Jubilee State Coach. Yesterday the Queen travelled in this wonderful carriage on her way to the State Opening of Parliament. And what an incredible coach it is. Only the second […]