A Sticky Encounter

I bought a few new tips for my billiard cue the other day together with the relevant superglue gel to fix them on. Apart from when I paint I’m really fumble fisted – which became apparent when after several attempts my thumb and forefinger stuck together! It became worse when I tried to stick the […]

Spike Milligan

I watched a documentary yesterday evening about the life of the comedian Spike Milligan. It gave me ¬†an idea. Several years ago I painted a large portrait of Spike and thought it might be of interest to the many artists who read my blog to regularly post portraits of the more interesting or famous people […]

The Mary Rose – Henry VIII’s Flagship

Yesterday we visited the Mary Rose Museum at the Naval Dockyard in Portsmouth. in the late afternoon of July 19th, 1545, The Mary Rose, one of the largest of Henry VIII’s great ships, heeled to starboard and sank. As the King watched from his encampment on Southsea Common, about a mile away, he could hardly […]