The Big One

I’ve been prowling around Boatyards over the past few days with a view to buying a new boat before the spring. ‘Marsh Mundy’ gave me over 30 years of fun and frolic but lately has let me down too many times, so it’s time for a change. In the meantime I’ve been busily painting yet […]

Starting again

We updated my iPad the other day and have now discovered that Apple no longer support Google blogs. So I have to use a different way to write blogs now. I’m writing this on a new app called BLOGO, so hope it will be as easy to use as the previous one. I lived for […]


I’ve has two injections this week – one for the winter flu, which, apart from being accidentally punched in the arm by my young friend, was no problem. But the other was a cortisone injection into my knee. Now that one really hurt. I’ve been suffering badly for a long time with osteoarthritis in the […]