Up, Up, and Away – Not

I was given a hot air balloon trip for two as my eightieth birthday present from the family, but as we need to book the flight a long way ahead and have to ring the night before to make sure the weather in the morning is OK for flying, our scheduled trip last Thursday morning was cancelled yet again. This time because of low cloud and fog. However we noticed they flew the following morning in fog. Here is the balloon barely visible through the clouds.

And here is the balloon, in the sky had the weather been good.

A tranquil evening on the river. Now that all the regattas and other events have taken place we have our river back.

Greys Court is celebrating the life of Lady Brunner at the moment so I called in the other day to see what had been displayed. Some of the rooms depicted scenes from her childhood. In the dining room a Mad Hatters Tea Party was in progress.

And upstairs in her bedroom I espied my painting of Sir Felix and Lady Brunner amongst their wedding day photographs.

In one of the upstairs rooms Sir Felix’s role in the Great War was depicted by, among other items, a collection of toy soldiers.

The Henley Show this year had an added attraction this year – Jousting. Here is one of the Knights.

The whole event was performed by the Knights of Middle England.

The jousting was pretty authentic although no one was hurt and the lances didn’t have sharp points. Henley Show has something for everyone from ferret racing, sheep-shearing, produce and flower tents, to chickens, cattle, tractors, crafts and even the ugliest dog competition.

As I said in my last blog I had reached the final in the novices competition at our bowling club. Here I am ready to commence battle.

And playing to win.

But I lost! Never mind, there’s always next year. And as I’ve just joined the Riverside indoor bowling club for the winter, maybe a season of practice will improve my game.

We spent a couple of days recently in Norfolk staying with my friend Christine. On one of the days we visited Oxborough Hall. Unfortunately my camera was on the blink so I couldn’t take any photographs there. However this is one of the moated building taken by my young friend.

We climbed up a very narrow spiral staircase in the high tower – something I couldn’t have managed a few months ago. But even then I didn’t attempt the very last floor. This is the view.

Sorry this blog is late – I’ve been so busy painting the two large oils of London, and a riverside scene in Henley featuring the Spitfire I flew in. Also I’ve been getting eight miniatures ready for exhibition in the Florida Show. And just this week I finished a very small miniature of a young boy for a client. It will be housed in a gold-plated locket.

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