Holiday in the Tropics

After a long 13 hour flight and a 3 hour car ride we finally arrived at our holiday destination – Hua Hin in Thailand, where we were welcomed back to the Anantara Hotel by this towelled, flower bedecked, elephant – they remembered we’d stayed here about six years ago.

How lovely to be back in the tropics

The Anantara has a beautiful pool

Best of all, this little straw hut serves mango juice while you sit on submerged turtles in the refreshing water while the sun shines down. And at one edge of the pool are five water jets which give really strong bubbly massages.

On our first evening at the hotel we wandered down to the beach, past this novel weather forecaster

… where we ordered a flaming seafood wok full of lovely things straight from the sea – rock lobster, giant prawns, sea bass, salmon, and succulent crayfish

Looking out to sea were little bobbing lights from a dozen fishing boats and when the moon was up its reflection in the sea, and the sound of the breakers on the shore right below our table, added to the serene and tropical ambiance of the evening.

It rained a bit one day but after wandering around the gardens in the hotel …

…we sat by the pool eating chicken satay and drinking fresh mango juice

Next day we hired a car and driver and made our way to a large and impressive park called Rajabhakti where enormous statues of seven historic Thai kings towered over us

And dramatic against the afternoon sunshine…

…here are close-ups of some of the Kings

…and King Chulalongkorn (you will remember as King Mongut’s son in the musical – The King and I)

In the evening we had a couple of nice cocktails in the Sala at the Anantara

And so, with a last look at the view out to the beach, we say goodbye to Hua Hin and travel on to Singapore


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