Still Bowling Along

I haven’t advanced very far in the matches I’ve played in so far this year but hopefully that will change next week as I’m determined to play well in the ‘Novices’. We had a Gala day recently. Here’s a shot which shows a variety of colours in the woods.

Henley Regatta had a good week of sunshine – on one of the days our little party of six went to Phyllis Court for jugs of Pimms, a very nice lunch in the dining room, and front row director’s chairs by the river where we could watch the racing. Here am I, all suitably attired on my balcony and ready to head off.

As we arrived at Phyllis Court this was the scene made ready for the day.

and here comes ‘The New’ Orleans’ from our viewpoint

A couple of smaller boats

my friends Jane and Brian by the bridge at Phyllis Court

Here’s cousin Paul and his friend Sarah and the view down to the river from the bridge

All very colourful and festive. Here I am in the dining room enjoying lunch – my young friend sitting opposite took the picture.

After we got home in the evening myf drove the boat as we took Paul and Sarah for a trip down the Regatta course.

On Sunday we drove over to see my friend Joanne in Bampton with Val. Here’s Joanne talking to her son Chris in America by ‘Facetime’ while looking at my latest photo album.

In the afternoon myf and I took a little walk to the church in Bampton (where they filmed the wedding scenes for Downton Abbey)

passing this friendly creature on the way

My book is nearing completion now. All the writing is complete and all the hundreds of pictures inserted and ready. Many ten-hour days have been spent since January working on it in readiness for publication in early October. Now my young friend will cast her eagle eyes over it and proof read the entire manuscript. No doubt she’ll also make numerous comments before converting everything to PDF’s for the printer. As I have to include an ISBN number prominently inside the front page, luckily I still have a new number allocated to me from when I published my previous 4 books.

Sir Roy Strong, former Director of the V&A and the National Portrait Gallery in London has very kindly allowed me to use the miniature I painted of him about 25 years ago on the back cover and has added a nice comment to it.

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