Sunshine in Florida

We arrived in Florida last night on a very comfortable BA flight and are now staying at The Yacht Harbor Inn at Dunedin. Never mind jet-lag, today is s lovely warm and sunny day so we decided to visit Busch Gardens – just over an hour’s drive away. This theme park houses one of America’s top zoos. It aims to create life in Africa and supports over 2,500 animals with giraffes and zebras roaming freely over ‘Serengeti Plain’. This is our map.

After the cold weather we left behind in England it was so good to feel the hot sun on our faces. These chimps were enjoying their day too

And the silver backed gorilla was too busy eating his lettuces to bother with us.

We took a ride around the Serengeti Plain on this steam train

and watched the elephants discovering leaves of lettuces that had been hidden by the keepers amongst the rocks. Apparently elephants have an amazing sense of smell and can even detect water from over 10 miles away.

One of the attractions in Busch Gardens was an ice skating show and look at this bird’s nest in the Moroccan lamp

and to add a bit of colour

What would Florida be like without its alligators

Our drive back to Dunedin was along a nine mile long causeway And later to dinner and cocktails at our local restaurant.

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