Life in Lockdown

It’s now been over three weeks since the government here ordered a lock-down – especially for older people like me. However my young friend is able to fully work from home so she’s with me and has installed her office here. She spends over 8 hours a day working in my dining room whereas I spend the same amount of time painting in my studio. We meet up for lunch on my garden balcony – especially nice in the hot weather we are having at the moment. This is our view from the balcony.

Occasionally we venture into the garden to look at the nests there. Two Canada geese nests, and the swans that come back every year. As of today the pen has laid seven eggs (usually it’s 7 but we have had 9 some years.)

We have managed so far to have home deliveries from Tesco’s which usually means myf spending hours in the middle of the night trying to book a slot (usually for about 3 weeks ahead). Also Phyllis Court Club, which had to close down, has organised deliveries of most basic groceries arriving by my front door the following day of our order. Although I have only one commission at the moment (a sepia miniature – which, although completed, cannot send to Singapore until overseas postage is more guaranteed) but since we came back from the USA in late January I’ve painted nine miniatures, Here are some of them.

As it’s been about 7 weeks since I’ve had a haircut I was worried that I’d begin to look a bit like Albert Einstein, and knowing that myf had never cut hair I spoke to Anna, the lovely girl I’d painted many times. Not knowing she was a trained hairdresser, I asked what suggestions she had. Not only did she leave her hairdresser scissors on the mat outside my front door, she made a really good video showing me how she cuts her husband’s hair. This is how my hair had grown

And yesterday I was delighted when myf sat me down and made a really good job as a hairdresser.

The other day I saw this photograph of The Duchess of Cornwall at home in her office at Birkhall – Prince Charles’s home in Aberdeenshire. And on the bookcase behind her I noticed the miniature I’d painted for Prince Charles many years ago in the Garter Robes. (see on the shelf marked 4).

I’d wondered where Prince Charles displayed my miniature as he’d sent me a lovely hand-written letter when he received it. It’s always good to know where my paintings are displayed around the world.

It will be ages before the Coronavirus is on it’s way out I’m sure, but, although being fit and healthy, I did have part of my lung removed about 6 years ago so must be extra careful. I never touch anything from the outside etc. Even to the extent that myf sprays the banisters with anti bacterial spray when she goes downstairs to pick up my newspaper. Then she brings it up and I photograph page 1 and 2, which she discards, then she throws the rest of the papers on the floor where I pick it up, washes her hands and I read those 2 pages on my phone and the rest as normal.

One thought on “Life in Lockdown

  1. Bill

    Very glad to read you are both well in these rather strange times.

    My wife has been reading your book – 2 or 3 pages each night before she goes to sleep – and she’s thoroughly enjoyed it. Every morning recently I’ve been regaled with your latest auto-biographical exploits as she has her first cup of tea of the day in the Raffles mug you so kindly brought back from Singapore for her some years ago, and every morning she says how kind it was of you to do so! So thank you once again for both the book and the mug.

    Keep buggering on as we say!

    RG9 and Mrs RG9


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