We’re now back home after a long flight. However Eva Air did us proud – a six course dinner served immaculately by an ever attentive bevy of Chinese air-hostesses. Thirteen hours in the same seat was helped a lot as it, at a touch of a button, magically transformed itself into a fully flat bed. […]


The last ten days or so have passed in a whirl. We’ve done so many things I’ve had no time to put anything on my blog. So I must, at least, show some of the sights we’ve seen, and the places we’ve been to. As my camera has been playing me up lately it seemed […]

Holiday in the Tropics

After a long 13 hour flight and a 3 hour car ride we finally arrived at our holiday destination – Hua Hin in Thailand, where we were welcomed back to the Anantara Hotel by this towelled, flower bedecked, elephant – they remembered we’d stayed here about six years ago. How lovely to be back in […]

Up, Up, and Away – Not

I was given a hot air balloon trip for two as my eightieth birthday present from the family, but as we need to book the flight a long way ahead and have to ring the night before to make sure the weather in the morning is OK for flying, our scheduled trip last Thursday morning […]

Painting a Spitfire

I’ve been working very hard lately on a trio of oil paintings. Because oil paint takes quite a while to dry – particularly certain colours – I paint a section of one picture, then go to the next one, and on to the third. This is to avoid me smudging the work. This is one […]


Giffords Circus came to Stonor Park the other day. The year 2018 is the 250th anniversary of the birth of circus. To celebrate this particularly English invention, Giffords Circus, the nation’s most glamorous troupe, has been throwing a summer-long party. With its new seats – all lined in plush red velvet – (wish they’d covered […]

A Flight in a Spitfire

For the past couple of years I’ve been saving up to achieve a very special ambition – to fly in a Spitfire. So five percent of earnings from painting commissions together with any winnings on the lottery and premium bonds went into my special RAF Spitfire tin to pay for the possibility of flying. And […]