Garden Party

On Thursday we took the train to London, dressed in our finery, as we had been invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace. During the fifties I served in Malaya and Singapore during the Malayan Emergency. I was a humble sapper in the Royal Engineers and was a cartographer tasked with producing 30 six […]

Ramster Gardensu

I’ll soon get back to writing a regular blog – promise – but I really am so totally absorbed in writing my new book that it’s taken over my life in a way. Last weekend my young friend started to convert my layouts to ‘computer speak’ – the intricacies of which are way beyond me. […]

Magnificent Magnolias

We spent a lovely day at the Savill Gardens near Virginia Water at the weekend. The magnolias were at their best and quite a few of the rhododendrons and azaleas were beginning to bloom. Since its creation in the 1930’s in the grounds of Windsor Great Park it’s become a truly Royal haven of beautifully […]

A Rare Exhibition

I know, I know, it’s been nearly five weeks since I wrote my last blog. Sorry RG9 – I’m still here. However I’ve been so absorbed in writing my new book that it’s sort of taken over. If I work hard enough and dedicate the many hundreds of hours I’ll need to not only write […]

The code breakers

Today we visited Bletchley Park – home of the World War Two codebreakers and where the world’s first electronic computers were installed and operated. Many historians estimate that the codebreakers efforts helped to shorten the war by up to two years, thus saving countless lives. At its peak around ten thousand people worked at Bletchley […]

The Enchanted Forest

If you don’t like spiders look away now! I’ve taken the sounds of the angry spiders away so you won’t have nightmares! On Saturday we went to the Warner Studios to see the Harry Potter Experience. It was one of my Christmas presents from my young friend, as she knew how much I enjoyed it […]

Here’s to a Peaceful and Prosperous 2019

It started with fireworks, and I expect the Brexit fiasco will bring many more during the year. Although we weren’t in London to see them I always enjoy watching them from my comfortable armchair. Christmas Day was spent with Val and my niece Louisa and her family in her home in Marlow. Lovely day and […]