The Magic of Camelot

The other day, after a marathon tidy–up of my studio with Tracey, I came across an exercise I did some time ago. It was a small portrait of David Hemmings, and showed him in his role of Mordred from the film Camelot. The three portraits you see below were executed in pencil, watercolour and scraperboard. […]

Enigma at Bletchley Park

On Wednesday I, together with a young friend, visited Bletchley Park, also known as Station X, in Buckinghamshire. During World War Two Bletchley Park was England’s main decryption establishment. Ciphers and codes of the Axis countries were decrypted there – most importantly ciphers generated by the German Enigma machine.The establishment and its activities were kept […]

Lest We Forget

Last Wednesday, at the11th hour of the11th day of the11th month of the year Armistice Day was observed in Westminster Abbey in the presence of the Queen. A truly memorable event, especially as this year marked the sad deaths of the remaining survivors of the First World War – Henry Allingham, Harry Patch and William […]

Lasting Reminder of a Legend

Next week I’ve entered a snooker-style ‘Colours’ tournament at Phyllis Court and as I’m a bit rusty at the moment (when was I not?) Jilly and I had a sneaky practice game yesterday evening. Neither of us will win, mind you, but we both needed the practice. ‘The Henley Standard’ – our local newspaper – […]

Red, Yellow and Gold

I love warm colours and as this autumn has been especially kind – almost tropical – the myriad of red, yellow, orange and golden tints in the countryside is wonderful to behold. I popped in to see my friends Peter and Diane on Saturday afternoon. Their house is right next to the river by Henley […]