How Old?

I had a call from BBC Radio Berkshire earlier this week. Anne Diamond was doing a ‘History of the World’ programme direct from Reading Museum and was asking for people to talk about their oldest possession or any object that might relate to Berkshire. We learned that Reading Museum’s oldest item was 3,000 year’s old, […]

A Red Letter Day

I can’t say it’s been a very exciting week. No highlights at all. However yesterday was a bit of a red-letter day in that my visit to the oncologist confirmed that my cancer has been successfully contained. This was revealed by the recent full body scan I had a couple of weeks ago. So the […]

Tea, Anyone?

As a biscuit tin and tea caddy designer in my youth I was delighted to be given this lovely example of the art yesterday by my friend Joanne Dalston – it also contained fragrant Earl Grey tea. Val and I had driven over to Bampton in the Cotswolds to have lunch with Joanne. She’d spent […]