Oops! Wrong Party.

On Monday evening Leslie Thomas launched his new book “Almost Heaven” at a very auspicious location – Salisbury Cathedral.The two-hour drive down to Salisbury was horrendous with driving rain and dark grey skies the whole way. Amongst the guests were a smattering of war correspondents and photographers who I found fascinating to talk to about […]

A Day in The Life of …

Yesterday was one of those really good days. After a hearty breakfast I put a few pieces into the 3,000- piece jigsaw that’s been languishing on my dining room table for a while. It’s an old-fashioned illustrated map of the world and is, to say the least, challenging. Next stop was the Kenton Theatre in […]

Where are you Cinderella?

How are these two pictures connected? You may well ask. No, I’m not developing a foot-fetish. In fact both are made of chocolate. The chocolate shoe was a present from my friend Bluebells who visited Henley on Sunday afternoon. My dilemma now is where to start – heel or toe? Or maybe the chocolate button. […]

Magic Pencils and Silken Maps

The lovely Joanna Lumley – who greets me every time I open my computer in AOL – was performing at the Watermill Theatre in Newbury last Wednesday. Cousin Paul had invited me to accompany him to the show. This wonderful little theatre seats just 220 people. It’s located on the banks of the river Lambourn […]