Bird Attack!

We made a visit to John’s Pass on Thursday  This rustic edifice of wooden boardwalks lies somewhere north of St Pete’s beach at the end on the Gulf Highway. It was a bitterly cold day. (Apparently Florida is the only state in the USA not to have had snow at this time, and is […]

A Journey into Space

The Kennedy Space Center is on the Atlantic coast of Florida – about a three hour drive from where we are staying in Dunedin. We’ve spent the entire day there and had a great time. The first thing we did was to visit one of the IMAX theatres. There we sat spellbound as we watched […]

A little bit of Sunshine

I’ve just popped over to Florida to attend the Miniature Show here. The Miniature Art Society of Florida is holding its annual exhibition at the Dunedin Fine Art Center. My young friend and I flew over on Friday afternoon, leaving a cold, icy England behind. It’s not exactly tropical here right now but the sun […]

Wishing You a Happy New Year

Well Christmas has come and gone – as has the snow. I spent a pretty quiet Christmas – I like being with the children at this time of the year but they were all away on Christmas day. We did have a nice get together at Louisa’s house though – here are some of the […]