This Way In

When I arrived at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London last Sunday, after being shown to my room one of the first things that happened was for this indicator mark to be sketched onto my body. I assumed this was to remind the surgeon which lung he would be operating on. It’s now a week […]

Scan Expert

I always think the first sign of spring is when the catkins come out and the willow trees show their first hint of green. This is the view from my studio window and I can see a haze of pale green on the willow on the island.  It’s now Wednesday evening and I’ve just […]

A Thoracotomy and Laser Metastasectomy

I’m a bit behind in writing this blog, mainly because I was waiting to the see the specialist surgeon in London, but more about that later. Last week, after a quick meal at the Orangery in Phyllis Court, we went to the Regal to see the film ‘The King’s Speech’. What a wonderful experience that […]