Frolicking in the Easter Sunshine

Today five little Canada Geese were born in our garden. They’ll be gone by the evening, but I managed to take a few photographs this morning. Gently nurtured by their mother the male goose kept guard – and hissed at anyone who came too near.  Luckily I was photographing two of my great nieces […]

Water,Water. Everywhere

I haven’t been lucky with boats this year. Last Saturday, it being a lovely day, my young friend and I (she in combat gear) decided to give my big boat it’s first clean of the season. Armed with a variety of brushes, buckets and cleaning materials we undid the tonneau cover. All looked fine. That […]

Spring Has Sprung

What a beautiful spring we are having this year. As I write this I’m sitting on my balcony with the scent of roses wafting up from the garden, accompanied by the rushing sound of the sluices from the mill races in the middle of our lawn. From my vantage point I can see one of […]

Good News

I went to London last Wednesday to see the surgeon that performed my lung operation and to have a CT scan and an X-ray. Apparently all three tumours were successfully removed and the affected lung has now inflated to 97% capacity. He was delighted. And so am I. So although pain remains – and will […]