Tropical Travels

On Thursday my young friend and I set off for a holiday in the Far East. We chose EVA Air – a lovely airline that most of my friends have never heard of. It’s so nice not to be cramped and great to be served meals course by individual course on spotless white table napkins. […]

A Lost Manuscript

This is the handwriting of Charles Dickens. When I lived in Bangkok I regularly received hard covered Folio publications. One of the most interesting I ever received was Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol’. On each left side of the book was the final printed version, whereas on the right side was a facsimile of the author’s […]

Safe Delivery

My postman deserves a medal. This letter was delivered yesterday. It was a thank you letter from my 5-year-old great niece Kate. She’s such a lovely little girl and here’s what she wrote inside. It’s all her own writing and composition. I like the bit about ‘bringing the “crakurs” (crackers) and spending time with us’. […]