The Mob and The Grand Canyon

As most people know organised crime was behind the early days of the gambling edifices erected in Las Vegas in the ’50s and ’60’s. And mob history continues today in perhaps a less violent form and style. Having an interest in American history, old movies, and other aspects of American life I was pleased when […]

From Rustic to Lavish

Everything in Las Vegas is big. The buildings, the illuminations, the casinos, the food – and the prices! We did have a little gamble yesterday. Won a little bit – then lost a little bit more. Yesterday, to avoid the crowds – and the casinos (more difficult) we thought we’d make a trip out of […]

Las Vegas

We arrived in Las Vegas yesterday evening. My young friend thought I was being a bit silly because during the whole of the 2 hour flight between Tampa and Las Vegas I kept my hand over my nose for the entire journey, having still not got rid of my bad cold in no way did […]

Ca’ d’Zan – House of John

I think our bad colds are beginning to ease. Hopefully. Yesterday evening we were invited to dinner by a charming couple I hadn’t seen for nearly twenty years – Michael and Sandra Ashington-Pickett. They live in a beautiful house in Orlando. I first met them when they owned a small mansion – Wells View – […]

Feeling under the Weather in Florida

We’ve been in Florida for five days now and unfortunately we’ve both caught some sort of bug. For the last two days it”s been hacking coughs and sneezes and generally feeing wiped out and weak. Hopefully things will improve tomorrow as we’ve bought tickets for Sea World and the following day to Universal Island of […]

The Manatees of Florida

We left England on Thursday in freezing weather – but just before the snow that might have disrupted our flight, and here we are in Florida expecting lovely warm sunshine. And what happened? The beautiful hot days they were experiencing last week changed abruptly to a measly ten degrees this morning! Nevertheless my young friend […]

Lateral Thinking

2013 already! I’ve never known time go by so fast. It gets faster all the time. Edward De Bono – the great lateral thinker – gave the answer. If, for example, you are a small 5-year-old boy and ask your mother for a toffee and she says you can have one in half an hour, […]