Brrrr! and Brrrrr! again.

Hey! This is supposed to be spring. Hard to tell, as it’s still freezing cold and every night the temperature goes below zero. There are compensations. Just look at this beautiful scene as we drove through the woods in Nettlebed last Sunday on the way to the Cotswolds. It almost looks like a black and […]


My old dad told me that a bad workman always blamed his tools if the work wasn’t done right. He was a carpenter. However, over the past few years I’ve found that the quality of the best kolinsky sable watercolour paintbrushes, especially the smaller sizes, have deteriorated. About 50% of them either split in two, […]

Getting Blood out of a Stone

I won a few small prizes on the Camelot lottery last week. Two on Saturday and three on Wednesday – mostly HotPicks with three or four numbers. Anyway the total came to £600. This meant that I needed to get my winnings from the Post Office as the shop where I bought my tickets from […]