Back in the Saddle

It’s not that I’ve been idle in the past couple of weeks. Far from it. But as my strength increases and the pain diminishes – even though over 30 pills a day are rattling around inside of me – it’s time to get back to blogging.. There’s still at least a month to go before […]

Home once more

It’s nice to be convalescing at home in such glorious weather, and gives me a chance to take a daily walk by the river and to see all the many birds frolicking in the sunshine. My stay in the Royal Brompton Hospital lasted for 8 days – three of which were spent in the High […]

Looks Like the Ups are Winning Through

This is the first and second page of a card I just received from sister-in-law Val (I also had an identical one from Felicity). My young friend has been here all day in person – in fact she’s typing this blog for me.  Apparently the operation went very well.  It took 8 hours but they […]