The real Downton Abbey

Last week Henley held its very popular Literary Festival. We are lucky to have many splendid locations here to stage the many events in. From the beautiful Bix Manor to the iconic Kenton Theatre, the authors had a wide choice to talk about their latest books. On Wednesday I went to the fascinating talk given […]

Canterbury Tales

The city of Canterbury was built by the Romans and became the capital of the Saxon kingdom of Kent. It was here during the late 6th century that St. Augustine and his missionaries brought Christianity back to England. My young friend and I visited the Cathedral last Saturday. Gingerly we climbed up and down the […]

The Capybara

The other day we were all surprised to catch sight of a large animal roaming round our garden, and from time to time jumping into the river. We soon established that it was a capybara. Here he is standing next to my landing stage. We eventually found out that he had escaped from Sir William […]

Good News

When my young friend came to pick me up last Thursday for our visit to the oncologist in Reading she remarked how grey and haggard I looked! Not surprising as I fully expected to be undergoing either chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It was impossible to tell from the oncologist’s face what the verdict was going to […]