I love pencil drawing. There’s nothing more peaceful than lightly passing my pencil over the smooth surface of paper. If I want to create softness, like a gentle caress, I barely touch the paper and hold my pencil so lightly that sometimes it falls from my grasp. And when I need to show deep shadow […]

Up, up and away- not.

Last week on a morning at seven we were supposed to be going up, up and away in a hot air balloon. But, for the third time it was cancelled because of the adverse weather expected. Apparently with winds over 10 mph and not enough possible landing sites available that are not waterlogged our flight […]

Two funerals and a mud-slide

For the past few years I’ve been using Blogger to host my blog. But last month when they updated the site it wouldn’t work with the app on my iPad. So I’ve had to find a new host. Hence this will be my first blog on WordPress. You can enter your email address in the […]